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Alexander Technique in Paris (Link Partner)
Lessons and seminars with Pedro de Alcantara, certified teacher
Private and group classes with Kate Kobak in New York City.
Alexander Technique
Lessons with Stephanie Segers, certified teacher in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Alexander Technique - Silver City, Mimbres Valley, New Mexico
Lessons with Wendy Cantor, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique Associates
Australian workshops and teachers.
Alexander Technique Atlantic
Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lessons and courses with Tisha Miller and David Langstroth.
Alexander Technique Center New England
Lessons, classes and a teacher training program. Amherst, Massachusetts.
Alexander Technique Centre (ATC) Kyoto
Alexander lessons and workshops with certified teachers.
Alexander Technique Centre Ireland
Offers a list of teachers in the country, as well as background information.
Alexander Technique for Performance and Development
Lessons and classes with Tom Vasiliades, certified teacher, in New York City.
Alexander Technique in Auckland, New Zealand
Jann and Ian McMichael are certified teachers.
Alexander Technique in Barcelona
Lessons and classes with Eduardo Tilve
Alexander Technique in Cork, Ireland
Rosemary Moone, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Manhattan
Laurie Kline and Michael Ostrow, certified teachers
Alexander Technique in Manhattan and Brooklyn
Lessons and classes with Joan Arnold, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island
Private and group lessons.
Alexander Technique in Montreal
Lessons with Lawrence Smith, certified teacher
Alexander Technique in NYC and Greece
Lessons & group classes in NYC with Judith Grodowitz. Annual workshop in Greece.
Alexander Technique in Oakland, California
Lessons, classes and dressage workshops with Constance Clare, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Omaha
Lessons with John Macy, PT.
Alexander Technique in Palo Alto and San Francisco, Ca.
Lessons with George Lister, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Paris, France
Alexander and voice lessons with Malcolm King, certified teacher and specialist in voice.
Alexander Technique in Philadelphia, Pa.
Matthew Seneca, certified teacher in Center City. Private & group lessons.
Alexander Technique in Philadelphia, Pa.
Ariel Weiss Holyst, certified teacher. Also teaches in Delaware County.
Alexander Technique in Pittsburgh
Lessons, classes, and workshops with Lonna Wilkerson and Lisa Levinson
Alexander Technique in San Francisco
Lessons with Fumi Sasa, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Santa Monica
Dory Steinmetz, certified teacher. Also works with ergonomic principles.
Alexander Technique in South Bay/Peninsula area of California
Lessons with Dana Ben-Yehuda, certified teacher
Alexander Technique in St. Louis, Missouri
Lessons, classes and a teacher-training program
Alexander Technique in Stockholm and Varmdo, Sweeden
Lessons with Sybrig Dokter, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Tokyo
Lessons with Ruth Davis, certified teacher.
Alexander Technique in Toronto
Lessons and classes with Josua Lyons
Alexander Technique in Walnut Creek, California
Annette Schmidt, Certified Teacher
Alexander Technique in Washington, DC area
Alexander Technique workshops and teachers in the DC, Virginia, Maryland area.
Alexander Technique in West Chester, Pennsylvania
Robert Bedford, a teacher specializing in working with musicians.
Alexander Technique Institute
Teacher training school, private lessons and introductory workshops in Sydney, Australia.
Alexander Technique Lessons in Sydney
Certified teacher Mark Bennie provides class details and background information. Located in Randwick and North Sydney, Australia.
Alexander Technique Melbourne
Lessons with Paul Cook, certified teacher.
Alexis Niki
A teacher in Paris, France offers a free newsletter for teachers and students, as well as providing workshop details.
Bio-Ergonomics / Alexander Technique
Los Angeles. Babette Markus, certified teacher. Also works with ergonomics principles.
Freedom in Action
Lessons with Michael Stenning and Leonie John, certified teachers. Canberra, Australia.
Integrated Motion Studio
Group or private lessons in Hadley, Massachusetts. Instructor Molly B. Johnson describes her background and provides information about the Alexander Technique.
Irish Society of Alexander Technique Teachers
Information about classes and locating a teacher in Ireland.
Japan Solidarity of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Listing of several teachers in Japan.
Jeff Tessler
Certified teacher. Includes profile, details of technique and information about T'ai Chi classes.
John Baron, Teacher of the Alexander Technique
Lessons in San Francisco, California.
Lessons in the Alexander Technique with Janice Haugen
Berkeley, California. Certified teacher describes qualifications and classes.
Linda Souza
Lessons with certified teacher in Laguna Beach, California.
Micha Rotstein - Alexander Technique lessons in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
Certified teacher (AUSTAT), available for private lessons and group sessions.
Michael Hanko
Certified teacher in New York City.
Neils Home Studio
Lessons with Neil Schapera, certified teacher. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Raya Leighton
Lessons with a certified teacher in Jerusalem, Israel.
Redirection: Alexander Technique
Certified Alexander practitioner and movement educator Jane Clanton Bick offers workshops and classes in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.
School for F.M. Alexander Studies
Three year teacher-training course, shorter courses and private lessons. Melbourne, Australia.
Simply Wonderful
Details of individual lessons, workshops and holidays offered by this teacher. Based in New Zealand and in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.
Studio Evolving
Lessons with Marigold Smith, as well as horseback riding and accommodation. Healesville, Australia.
The Alexander Alliance
Teacher training and lessons in various locations.
The Alexander Learning Studio of Portland, Oregon
Lessons with Christine Eidson, AmSAT certified teacher.
The Alexander Technique
AmSAT Certified Lauri Blouke Kain offers lessons in Portland, Oregon.
The Alexander Technique
Teacher in Newton, Massachusetts provides brief descriptions and information on how it is taught as well as useful links.
The Alexander Technique Studios
Private or group lessons with Amsat certified teacher Julie Brundage. New York.
The Body Project
Lessons in San Francisco and Berkeley with Certified Instructor Elyse Shafarman.
The Sydney Alexander School
Providing individual sessions and professional training in Sydney, Australia. Includes course details, articles, and instructor profile.
The Texas Center for the Alexander Technique
Lessons with Alice Pryor, certified teacher. Austin.
Tom Koch's Alexander Technique
Lessons and classes in Amsterdam, Holland.
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