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Accessories Incense
Bath and Body Lavender
Essential Oils
Aroma House Co.Ltd. (Link Partner)
Essential and carrier oils, Thai herb products, and organic soaps.
Deserving Thyme Inc. (Link Partner)
Deserving Thyme Inc. - Natural Skin and Body Care Products.
Medicine Flower (Link Partner)
Pure essential and massage oils, body and bath products, lotions, and diffusers.
Sonoran Light (Link Partner)
Wildflower essences, gem and mineral elixirs, and meditation oils.
Absolute Essential
New Zealand made essential oils, bath and beauty products, and rejuvenating skin programs.
Acadia Herbals
Herbs and spices, essential oils, organic teas, and soaps.
Amphora Aromatics
Pure essential oils, body and bath products, incense, soaps, and supplements, Also offer candles and books.
Angel Blue Essential Oils
Raw form extracts and powders, essential and fragrance oils, handmade soaps and shampoos, and oil burners.
Aromatherapy Products
Essential oils, candles and incense, diffusers, and inhalation beads. Also offers feng shui products and jewelry.
Aromatherapy Stuff
Handmade essential oils, incense, and body products. Also offers incense burners and diffusers.
Wild-crafted essential oils, carrier oils, soaps and body care products, and related accessories.
Arraby's Aromatherapy
Essential oils, creams and lotions, and fragrances.
Auric Blends
Perfume oils, incense, candles, henna, and accessories.
Best in Scents
Incense, essential and perfume oils, and diffusers. Also offers statuary and prayer beads.
Clear Light
Natural skin and hair care products, sachets, and potpourri made with a green cedar fragrance.
Creating Harmony, LLC
Handmade essential oils and flower essences, skin care products, and salves and tinctures.
Earth Tribe
Plant based products including single notes and blends, bath and body washes and infusions, and childrens formulas.
Escentials Crafts and Fragrances
Carrier and fragrance oils, hair and body products, and soaps. Also offer bottles and jars.
Essentially Me
Essential oils, moisturizers, lip balms, and gift baskets.
French fragrances as incense, light bulb rings, vacuum powders, and fragrance oils.
Great Marvel
Skin elixirs, sachets, and handmade soaps.
House of Essentials
Natural bath salts, soaps, fragrance oils, hand dipped incense sticks, and massage and bath oils.
Internatural Aromatherapy
Bath and body products, essential oils, absolutes, candles, diffusers, and aroma jewelry.
Lab of Flowers
Essential and carrier oils, bath and body products, hair and skin care, flower waters, and diffusers.
Lark Soaps
Essential and massage oils, soaps, lotions, and teas. Also offers herbal supplements.
Lavender Fanatic
Essential oils, dried buds, wreaths, pillows, and sachets.
Offering wild-crafted essential oils, perfumes, skin care, gift sets, and bulk natural ingredients.
Magikal Dreams
Natural and organic essential oils, skin creams, and bath products.
My Oils
Essential, carrier, perfume, and massage oils and blends.
Mystick Scents
Essential oils, soaps, spa products, and herbal pillows.
Peaceful Offerings
Featuring essential and massage oils, body spray, soaps, lotions and gift baskets.
Phyzz Steamworks
Sinus soothing effervescent aromatherapy shower tablets release clouds of natural eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor.
Picture Perfect Gifts, Inc.
Aroma lamps, scented oils, incense, and accessories.
Ravens Nest Incense & Oils
Hand dipped incense, soaps, essential and fragrance oils, and lotions.
Red Flower
Bodycare products, candles, and teas.
Bath and body products, incense and burners, candles, and fragrance oils.
Spiritual Sky Incense
Incense, essential oils, soaps and body care products, and herbal creams. Also offers tips for inspirational living.
The Fragrant Pomander
Oils, candles, and diffusers. Also offers home decor accessories.
The Natural Choice Store
Pure essential oils, aromatherapy kits, and diffusers.
Therapeutic Aromas
Non-topical oils to treat migraines, stop snoring, lose weight and other conditions using fragrance.
Tree Frog Botanicals
Essential, carrier, and fragrance oils and whole herbs. Also offers soap making supplies.
Trillium Organics
Organic cosmetics, lip balm, body oils, and perfumes.
Essential and carrier oils, massage blends, diffusers, skin care and bath salts, and soy candles. Includes usage instructions.
Wellcat Herbs
Essential and base oils, lotions, and accessories. Also offers culinary herbs.
Carrier and massage oils, bath and beauty products, and soaps from Australia. Also offers jewelry.
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