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Brainwave Stimulators
SOM Biofeedback (Link Partner)
Developer, manufacturer and distributor of biofeedback and psychophysiological instruments. Professional instruments and home-trainers.
Biofeedback Training
Biofeedback in Tucson.
Bionetica Software
Computer software for biofeedback therapists. Includes free demonstration and technical support.
Brainwave Center
Equipment and monitoring devices, software, and accessories. Also offers brainwave synchronizers.
Focused Technology
Physiological monitoring and feedback equipment.
Heart Rate Variability
Nerve-Express provides a quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
Heart Rate Variability Instruments
Biocom Technologies develops physiology-related software and hardware products for the general public, fitness, and medical markets.
Inner-Act Neurofeedback Center
Rae Tattenbaum's Neurofeedback: Expertise in Erickson Hypnosis, EEG Biofeedback, recipient of Nortel's President's award for excellence
International PCE Network
Sells devices for biofeedback training for the individual user.
Light and sound therapy equipment and biofeedback systems.
J&J Engineering Inc.
Manufacturer of biofeedback and physiological monitoring systems.
Life Systems International
Training products for memory, stress management, and mental health. Also offers nutritional supplements and books.
Light and Sound stimulation and Biofeedback
Biofeedback and Light and Sound devices for optimizing your state of mind.
Luxe Vivant
Devices combining neuro-linguistic programming with music, sound effects, and binaural beats to help induce a relaxed state. Also offers bath products and books.
Manufacturer of Mind Machines
Biofeedback, Light and Sound, and hybrid systems for the serious mind tools experimenter. In business since 1987. Links to U.S. and International dealers. Informative site.
Mind Modulations - Mind Machine, Light and Sound Device distributor
Distributor of Synetic Systems biofeedback and Light and Sound devices
Manufacturer and retailer of Light and Sound Stimulation machines. We also offer unique Herbal Products.
Manufacturer of neurofeedback and biofeedback equipment and software.
MOE Electronics Research and Production
Biofeedback instruments for personal or professional use in stress reduction therapy.
Neurobit Systems
Neurofeedback machines for better concentration and attention, relaxation and immunity to stress, and meditation.
NeuroDyne Medical Corp.
NeuroDyne Medical Corp. manufactures biofeedback and real-time EMG equipment.
Ultrasonic neuropathic stimulation for instrument for brain entrainment, aiding in learning, relaxation, and meditation.
Audio and visual stimulation devices, light and sound machines, and accessories.
R A Bell Instruments Ltd. Biofeedback Instruments
Site has free application information and a wide range of Biofeedback instruments that can be purchased on line
Relax UK, Ltd
Light and sound therapy, biofeedback machines, and audio programs. Also offers brainwave stimulator CDs and relaxation tapes.
Remedial Neurofeedback Training
Neurological education for the brain.
Ress Tech
Offers hand-held machines for electro-neurostimulation therapy.
Self-Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation machine, stimulating the nervous system to heal itself. Includes product history and how it works.
Computer aided biofeedback systems and software, psycho-physiological tests, and diagnostic equipment.
Relaxation products for brainwave entrainment, biofeedback, and mind journeys.
Stens Corporation
Biofeedback training program and instrumentation distribution firm.
Stress Management Products, Tools and Resources
Big selection of low cost stress management stress reduction, relaxation biofeedback training tools, products, tapes, and customized stress cards for personal and professional use.
The Pain Relief Center
Biofeedback devices, along with books and tapes for pain management. Also offers a newsletter and related resources.
The Wild Divine Project
Inner-active computer adventure that teaches ancient meditation and breathing techniques using modern biofeedback technology.
Tools & Techniques
BrainMaster, BT5pro, NovaDreamer, NovaPro, WaveRider, Hemi-sync and other relaxation devices.
Tools and Techniques for Mental Fitness.
Both a reference guide and a catalog for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Sells products that help you achieve good health.
Tools for Wellness
A large source of alternative medicine products and information.
Voyager Mind Machines
Portable machines to guide into deep relaxation and other beneficial mental states. Also offers brainwave tapes.
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