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Audio and Video
Audio CD available: Moving Meditation?Fitness. (Link Partner)
Moving meditation program on tape and mandala paintings, also offers information on meditation seminars and events.
Inner Concepts (Link Partner)
Offers a program teaching one to gain control of their life through meditation and focusing techniques. Includes workshop schedule and message board.
Labyrinth Products from Relax 4 Life (Link Partner)
Labyrinth items including finger labyrinths, jewelry, decorations, gifts, books, tapes, and other meditation and relaxation products. (Link Partner)
Meditation-Works is the place to learn meditation. Meditation tools, articles on meditation, and links to meditation resources will guide you in finding the right meditation technique for you.
TAO Totem (Link Partner)
Meditative tool for relaxation, focusing the mind, and self help.
Alpha Cushions
Handmade meditation cushions, mats, and stools. Also offers yoga mats and posture stools.
Meditation products for a variety of spiritual traditions including crystals, cushions, books, and clothing.
Atlantean One Meditation Helmet
Copper and crystal helmet for enhancing meditation.
Blue Pearl Enterprises, Inc.
Meditation and massage cushions and mats, timers and clocks, and candles.
Children's Guided Meditation
Guided meditation for children, and chakra doll.
Closet Mystics
Audio programs and books for guided imagery, relaxation, and other meditation tools, also offer a newsletter and information regarding group meetings in Canada.
Complete Human Being
Educational program to be healthier, more spiritual, achieve weight loss, and be more successful.
Dance of Life
Meditation bench hand sculpted from domestic hardwoods. Includes wood choice options and photo sample.
Dancing Dolphin Press
Meditation videos filmed in Africa, Maui, and Tibet, and dolphin meditation audio cassettes.
Finger Labyrinths
Handmade ceramic finger labyrinths.
Harmony In Design
Ergonomic meditation and yoga products, includes catalog and testimonials.
Jon Shore
Books, tapes, and CDs for meditation, relaxation, and stress reduction.
Mantra Manager for Meditation
Offers software which will assist in obtaining a mantra used in meditation, based on the individuality of each person.
Meditation State
Twelve week programs to create authentic happiness for body, mind, and spirit.
Meditation Web
Guided meditation and music tapes, aromatherapy, and related products, also offers a bulletin board and discussion group to learn how to meditate.
Mind Tek Research
Courses, books, and cds to teach meditation. Also offers remote viewing training.
Pema Design Studio
Meditation and yoga support products including pillows, traditional mats, and wooden seats.
Serenity Health
Relaxation products including water fountains, bean bag chairs, nature alarm clocks, and Zen gardens.
Serenity Seats
Meditation cushions made from buckwheat hull, also offers general meditation information.
Stillpoint Creations
Handmade silk and wool meditation and yoga blankets.
The Biosound Method
Meditation program that helps release tensions, dissolve stress, and improves physical, mental, and emotional health, includes program description and expected benefits.
The Great Pyramid Company
Pyramid and crystal products created to enhance meditation and deflect negative energy, includes samples and pricing.
The Meditative Mind
Zafu pillows and mediation benches, incense and candles, and art prints.
The So Lucky Company
Cards printed with mantras to remind of the mindfulness practice.
The Tranquilities Series
Guided imagery programs blending nature sounds and music with aromatherapy to reduce stress, promote healing, and increase overall health.
Timeless Now
Computer programs for download or on CD to reduce stress and program the mind to remain calm.
Tones for Health
Combines sound and color meditations into a software package which can be used for personal and global meditation therapy and healing, includes program features and expected benefits.
Vaaak Sounds
Guided meditation CDs and videos, prayer beads, incense, and related meditation and personal transformation products.
Vantage Quest
Uses harmonic tones to achieve deep altered states of consciousness for creativity, relaxation, meditation, health, and personal transformation.
Yantras by Sally Rose Dolak
Hand embroidered Yantras which are tantric symbols used for meditation and increased awareness.
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