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Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound
Describes what the various types of ultrasound examinations can tell your doctor, how to prepare for your examination, and a description of the procedure.

SoYouWanna Be A Human Guinea Pig?
This full-length article will teach you how to 'volunteer' for science experiments, from simple questionnaires to complex drug trials.

Spotlight Health
By combining celebrity stories with information about serious diseases, the authors of this site provide sound basic information in a format that is engaging and easy to understand.
Current medical news, articles, and research.

The Medical Reporter
An independent, educational health and medical magazine on the Web for health care consumers.

Think Like A Doctor
An online community seminar for healthcare consumers to become even better patients by improving the relationship with their doctor.

Tips of All
Small bits of advice and tips on a variety of subjects, primarily health-related.

Whole Hearted Living
Provided by the Oxford Heart Health Network and the Oxford County Board of Health, Ontario, Canada. It contains useful health information and links.

Why Doctors Order Laboratory Tests
An excellent reference, written for parents to help explain diagnostic procedures to their children. Because its intended audience is children, the descriptions are brilliant in their simplicity and structure. You can search for a test in two ways: 1) by name, or 2) by the kind of sample that is collected or type of imaging.

Wired for Health
Health information at the touch of a button for young people and their teachers, Wired for Health aims to provide accurate and engaging information on health.

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