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Audio and Video
Give Yourself the Edge (Link Partner)
Books and downloads about a variety of self-help topics.
HypnoSoft Self Hypnosis Software (Link Partner)
Computer sessions for help with confidence, motivation, anxiety, and phobias.
Ad and Jo's Attic
New and secondhand books for hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.
Affirmation Software (Sculptor)
Affirmation goal setting motivational software, for improved mental and physical health, personal growth, healing and self-improvement. Utilizes affirmations, subliminal messages subconscious imagery.
Personal consultations, cds, and motivational emails for relaxation and behavior modification.
Cleaning Out The Closet
CD's, workbooks, journals, and starter packs to let go of old beliefs in the subconscious mind.
Creative Changes Ltd
Self-help and hypnotherapy tapes, books, and courses available for on line purchase.
Easy Trance
Hypnotic programs individually designed to change thinking patterns and habits. Also offers seminars in Australia.
eyeQ Brain Enhancement Technology
Process information faster. Includes, product and company information, customer service and purchase instructions.
Happiness Through Hypnosis
Free samples of tools to explore the subconscious mind and set positive changes in motion. Links and information about past life regressions, hypnosis, chakras, Reiki, and Vipassana. Self-hypnosis CDs and audiotapes available.
Downloadable program teaching hypnosis for self and others. Includes a free guide.
Hypnosis Direct
Instant download of MP3 hypnotherapy sessions for a variety of self-help topics.
Hypnosis Downloads
Download programs in MP3 audio for self improvement and better health.
Life Skills
Self hypnosis to improve athletic ability, remove limitations, and raise awareness.
Machine Enhanced Psycho Technology
Offering various forms of mind machines, including CES and light and sound machines.
Online Self Hypnosis Sessions
Hypnotize yourself right in your home or office, online hypnosis.
Self-Hypnosis and Relaxation Machine
Download programs to explore self-hypnosis, relaxation, and altered states of consciousness.
Subliminal Message
Step-by-step instruction manual showing you how to make your own custom subliminal message CDs from your own computer.
Subliminal Recording System
Make subliminal CDs and MP3s with message recording software.
Subliminal Self-Development
Download subliminal message programs for success and life enhancement.
Success Coach
Book offering details about the use of hypnosis for muscle building, confidence in sports, and motivation and weight control.
The King of Tapes
Offers a large selection of subliminal audio tapes to improve sports performance, self image, lose weight or to stop smoking. Includes a newsletter as well as ordering instructions.
The Living Skills Library
Titles to ease pain, better sleep, self esteem, and personal growth.
Transformational Network
Self-hypnosis CDs and MP3s for weight loss, stop smoking, release anxiety, and other self help programs.
Weleda Inc.
Specializing in the production of homeopathic medicines and natural body care products.
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