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Magnetic Therapy
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Emerson World Wide (Link Partner)
Therapeutic wraps for a variety of joint and muscle pains, also offering direct application single magnets.
Magnetic Health (Link Partner)
Handmade magnetic jewelry. Also offers back supports and insoles.
StarLite Jewels Handmade Magnetic Jewelry & Supplies (Link Partner)
Handmade/Custommade jewelry made with gemstones and magnets. For the entire family.
Advanced Living Technology
An electromagnetic shield that provides protection against radiation and electromagnetic fields, offering industry news and testimonials.
Alexander House
Body wraps, pet beds, jewelry, insoles, and mattress pads.
Aquarius Wholism
Ozaliet benzoliet products to neutralize the negative radiation of electromagnetic fields in home and office space. Includes product descriptions and usage instructions.
Arizona Unipole Magnetics
Medical research grade mattress pads, books and research reports with magnetic protocols for self help, therapy wraps, in-soles, and pet pads, includes testimonials and newsletter.
Beauty Magnets
Magnetic, natural face-lift products, includes recipes and testimonials.
Best Health Centre
Quantronics, kinesiology, and electronic resonance systems. Also offers books on related topics.
Bio Magnetic Therapy
Mattress and pillow pads, chair back supports, and shoe insoles for pain relief. Includes clinical case studies and expected benefits.
Bioflex Medical Magnetics
Body wraps, braces and supports, foot care, and other magnetic accessories. Includes scientific studies and product catalog.
Wool mattress underlays and pet beds.
Biomag Magnetic Therapy
Manufacturers of magnetic therapy devices including body care, water treatment, and jewelry.
Biomagnetics USA
Wraps and body bands for humans and animals, and tape to magnetize water.
BioTransMed Therapy Products
Equipment delivers a broad frequency spectrum of bio magnetically stimulating pulses to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions. Includes product specifications and usage instructions.
Supplies a range of products including belts, jewelry, water ionizers, insoles, body care, and related books.
Centurion Systems
Magnetic pulse therapy equipment for use on humans and animals. Also offers equipment rentals in the UK.
Provider of magnetic pain relief patches, and chair and mattress pads, highlighting expected benefits and usage instructions.
Curatronic Ltd.
Magnetic field therapy equipment for home care and clinical therapy including pain management and energy regulation systems, with product specifications and scientific information.
CZimm, Inc.
Bedding, body wraps and supports, shoe insoles, and pet products.
Dr. Bakst Magnetics
Pain relief products including supports and braces, insoles, and jewelry.
E-Magnet Shop
Mattress pads, wraps, insoles, jewelry, and pet products. Includes Gauss ratings and related articles.
EarthPulse Biomagnetic
Pulsed electro magnetic therapy device for better sleep.
EZ Pain Relief
Offering bedding, shoe inserts, jewelry, and wraps.
Feel Great International
Belts and wraps, mats and cushions, and pet beds.
Garden Cottage
Therapeutic jewelry, supports, wraps, insoles, and pet collars.
Acutouch pointers for non-invasive magnetic acupuncture.
Happy Daze Magnets
North Pole facing rare earth magnets for pain relief.
Products including insoles, wraps, sleeves, and sports bands. Includes testimonials and expected benefits.
Homewater Magnetic Therapy
Complete line of products including jewelry, insoles, pillows, protective wraps, mattress pads, and water treatment systems.
J-D-A Magnotherpy
Magnetic wrist straps to increase blood flow and increase oxygen circulation, includes company history and product guarantee.
Kimberly Health Products
Jewelry, discs, supplements, insoles, and pet products.
Magic Belt
Belt for men or women to relieve pain, provide support, and increase circulation.
Magnacare Pty, Ltd
Australian company offering pulsed electromagnetic therapy equipment. Includes research articles and expected benefits.
Mail order sales from the UK for an adjustable polarity magnotherapy device.
Magnetic jewelry, watches, and other therapeutic products, includes benefits and pet items.
Underlays and mattress pads. Includes research data.
Magnebelt Limited
Belts and body straps for pain relief.
Handcrafted products including pillows, belts and wristbands, insoles, and jewelry. Includes product descriptions and newsletter.
Jewelry, single magnets, sleep systems, and gloves.
Magnet Emporium
Offers a variety of products for humans and animals.
Magnet EZe
Rare Earth magnets and discs, copper jewelry, and magnetic sheeting from Australia.
Magnetic Health Care
Offers magnetic jewelry, wraps, mattress pads, and pet products.
Magnetic Jewelry Shop
Jewelry, braces, and insoles for relief and energy enhancement, with product descriptions.
Magnetic MyPads
Basic and adjustable magnetic sleep pads. Includes research data.
Magnetic Products International
Magnetic body care products including facial masks, jewelry, hand and foot care, and bedding, with medical studies and newsletter.
Magnetic Products International
Jewelry, mattress pads, and pet products.
Magnetic Sleep
Specializing in bedding including mattress pads, pillows, and cushions. Also offers jewelry, shoe insoles, and dog collars.
MAGNETiC Therapy
Jewelry, wrist bands, mattress pads, and products for animals.
Magnetic Therapy Sales
Magnets for support and pain reduction.
Magnetic Therapy UK
Cotton and wool magnetic bedding. Also offers jewelry.
MagnetiCare, LLC.
Single magnets and magnetized skin care products.
Mattress pads for standard and water beds.
Magnets 4 Health
Provides a range of magnetic health products and information.
Magnets 4 Therapy
Australian supplier of neodymium magnetic products. Includes usage information.
Magno-Pulse, Ltd.
Body wraps and pads for people and pets.
Pulsed magnetic field bedding underlay and padding. Includes technical data and financing options.
Pulsed magnetic field equipment. Features scientific study data.
Medicine of the Third Millenium
Resonance frequency therapy software program.
Natural Feeling
Biomagnetic mattresses and pillows, body wraps, shoe inserts, cushions, and spots magnets.
Magnetic harmonizers for body care and water improvements.
NorthSouth Biomagnetics
Offering mattress pads, inserts, wraps, pet pads, and golf and jewelry accessories.
Glove, sock, and wrap electrodes. Also offers neuro-muscular stimulation equipment.
PsychoPhysics Labs
Offers pulsed magnetic, telepathy, and biofeedback equipment.
Pulse Magnetic Therapy
A bio electromagnetic pulse machine for managing pain, sleep disorders, and improving joint flexibility.
Copper and gold jewelry, back supports, and rubbing oil.
Shanghai Magnet and Biotech, Ltd
Magnetic plaster discs for pain relief and healing, highlighting acupuncture points for proper placement.
Sun Medical
Biomagnetic products assisting with pain relief including bedding, body supports and braces, jewelry, and chairs.
Custom made belts, wraps, and seat cushions. Also offers dog collars.
Synergy For Life
Sleep systems, insoles, wraps, jewelry, and water.
The Copper Council
Jewelry and watches, mattress pads, massagers, and pet products. Includes testimonials and special offers.
The Magnetic Force
Offering a variety of products for humans and horses.
The Magnetic Pulser
High intensity momentary time-variant pulsed DC magnetic field therapy generator.
The Pain Relievers
Therapeutic products including bracelets, body wraps, and bedding.
The Radionics Magnetic Shop
Radionic talismans and other irradiating products. Includes product definitions and expected benefits.
Therion Research, Inc.
Manufacturer of professional quality magnetic therapy products. Includes endorsements and newsletter.
World of Magnets, Ltd.
Pain relief through jewelry, wraps, pet collars, and bedding.
Worldwide Magnets
Sleep systems, pads and wraps, eye masks, and water filters.
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