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Bristol Hypnotherapy Clinic (Link Partner)
Offers natural childbirth by using hypnosis to reduce fear, anxiety, discomfort. Also hypnosis techniques for pregnancy back pain, nausea, reducing hypertension insomnia.
Lister Natural health (Link Partner)
Marian Snow is a medical hypnotherapist with over 30 years experience. Visit Falmouth(Cornwall UK) and take a therapeutic break, this is a unique service.
Avon Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy practice specializing in analytical hypnosis, weight loss/sliming, phobias, social phobia, anxiety, and smoking cessation, one hour from London, UK. Treatments, FAQs, free consultation, credentials, brochure request.
David M. Pierce, C.Ht.
Re-experiencing the soul-state of life between lives, and evaluating the choices we have made over lifetimes of experience.
Hypnosis Chicago
Hypnosis treatment, Chicago, IL
Explains the latest scholarly research about medical conditions helped by hypnosis. Includes a FAQs and motivational speaking.
Indalo Transformative Solutions
Hypnotherapy with NLP and Coaching for problem resolution, performance enhancement and personal development. London.
John Hudson
UK practitioner describes various scripts and tapes he has for sale.
Help to overcome depression, anxiety, phobia, addiction, compulsion, and shyness. Harley Street, London.
Key Hypnotherapy
Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypno-Healing in the peaceful Northamptonshire countryside.
Lakeside Counseling and Hypnotherapy Center
Customized self-hypnosis audiocassettes and therapys sessions. Certified HypnoBirthing and childbirth education classes available. Mooresville, NC.
Lifeworks - Hypnotherapy, Self-Hypnosis Training
LifeWorks provides individuals and businesses with the tools for beneficial change. Mind Management, Self-Hypnosis, NLP and Progressive Language
Marla A. Sloane Consulting
Information about hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling. Included are her biography, testimonials from clients, information about her services and her TV talk show. (California)
McKechnie Counselling Services
Family and individual therapy, counselling and hypnotherapy
Meadows Therapy Centre
Information about the many services provided by our busy centre.
Medical Hypnosis: Indications and Techniques
Responsible uses of hypnosis in a clinical setting. How it can be used to help adults and children with a variety of issues.
Metamorphasis Hypnotherapy and Stress Management
Ann Campbell - Wolverhampton (Willenhall) and Birmingham (Moseley).
Mid Island Hypnotherapy
Hypnosis, Biofeedback, Stress And Anxiety Management, Regression, Personal Development, Relationship Therapy.
Mind Magic - Robin Anne Harrison
Stress Management and Relaxation Workshops for Organisations and individuals.
Mind Power Makes Miracles
Jennifer Scott, Clinical Hypnotherapist.
Mind Works Hypnotherapy
Canadian Hypnosis And Mind Works Hypnotherapy, Located in Truro Nova Scotia.
Information about the services provided by Laura Zohman. Includes articles. Located in Salem and Danvers, Massachusetts.
Brenda El-Leithy, hypnotherapist, healer and personal coach in the UK.
Momenta Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy, individual, group and corporate stress management and personal life coaching. Berkshire, United Kingdom.
Natural Birth Hypnosis Center
Pain free natural childbirth. Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Neuro Achievement Center
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnosis services Dr. Gary Daniel. (Sonoma County, CA)
Orca Institute
Offers hypnotherapy and counseling certification training through onsite and distance learning programs.
Painless Childbirth
This site gives a detailed description on Hypnosis and Painless Childbirth. Testimonials and upcoming classes are included.
Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy
Using hypnosis to assist in regressions and reiki treatments.
Pathfinder Hypnotherapy
Lori Hoff, Washington.
Personal Journeys Consulting
New Zealand courses and consultations in hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming.
Quit Smoking Clinic UK (London)
Two hour stop/quit smoking session, featuring advanced hypnotherapy, guaranteed, based in Ealing, London UK.
Reach For Life
Dr. Carol Jones is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in Cellular Healing (TM) and Therapeutic Weight-Loss (TM).
Redactive (Incorporating Industrial Anodyne)
Offering hypnotherapy and stress management.
Relax Your Mind
Hypnotherapy for behavior modification and pain control. (Los Angeles, CA)
Result Center International
A composite of hypnotherapy information ranging from sex to smoking and rage to fear. Learn how the power of mind can make life very much different and significantly better in every area of life. Located in Glendale, Arizona.
Reuben Pecarve Hypnotherapy Clinic
Reuben Pecarve, Hypnotherapy Clinic, how to improve mental and physical health using modern hypnotic technique.
Revision Resolve
Denver hypnotherapist and neurolinguistic programming practitioner, Jolee Henry specializes in grief and bereavement counseling, smoking cessation programs, weight management and self esteem issues.
Rising Sun Healing Center
Natural healing through hypnotherapy, reiki, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Burlington, Vermont.
Saichek/Vail Hypnotherapy
Introduction to Ericksonian hypnosis. Offers a monthly interactive column on the nature and uses of hypnosis. Private practice in Wisconsin.
Secret Therapist
Hypnotherapy. Services offered in home or in office located in Jenkintown PA.
Self Hypnosis
Learn how to tap into your own inner mind, release stress and gain confidence with best-selling author and worldwide authority Dr. Brian Alman.
Shamanic Hypnosis
Rev. Betsie Poinsett is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist in North Georgia. Specializing in the Indigo Children, Shamanic Ceremony, Past Life Regressions and Healing.
Silen Motivational Associates
Providing motivational hypnosis and hypnotherapy for sports, education, student and personal development. (Newburgh, Indiana)
TranceFormations of Virginia Beach
Hypnosis for health promotion and personal improvement utilizing classical hypnotheraputic inductions and mind-machine technology
TranSemantic Hypnosis
TranSemantic Hypnosis of Rio Rancho (Albuquerque) New Mexico. Hypnosis and NLP for rapid, dynamic, personal change, by Thomas J. Humpton, CHt.
Careful integration of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Clinical Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage and the Power of Crystals.
Transformation Technologies
Information about programs in personal development and human potential realization. Based in Alabama.
Trek Associates - Palmer, MA
Steven J. Dykstra, Owner - MS, CH, CCC/SLP. Quality hypnotherapy and speech/language pathology services for Western Massachusetts. Owner is also Editor of the emailed 'New England Hypnosis Newsletter,' which has a worldwide readership.
Unique Master Hypnotherapy Klinic
Reverend Angela Wolfe, hypotherapist, numerologist, prayer readings. Contact information, service description, crystals.
Hypnotherapy, meditation, Nuerolinguistic Programming and Time-Line Therapy. Description of disciplines.
Wakefield & Harrogate Hypnotherapy
Wrenthorpe Hypnotherapy Centre Helping clients in Wakefield & Harrogate
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