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101LifeStyle: Hair Care
Hair care and styling tips including a styling guide, coloring and common scalp problems.
A Treatment for Dandruff and Scalp Itch
Provides information on dandruff and its causes. Also offers personal tips on how to banish the complaint using household vinegar.
Blonde Ambition
Offers advice on how to dye hair blonde at home and maintain the color afterwards. Also provides brief sections on highlighting and product reviews.
Dreamweaver Braiding
Provides in-depth step by step braiding instructions and examples complete with photographs of the process.
e1000oss Hair Site
Page about a European male's personal experience with hair bleaching and dyeing. Contains photo stories, and some links.
Hair Care Guide
Offers basic tips and advice on how to achieve and maintain healthy hair. Includes sections on long, curly, dandruff treatment, summer and winter care.
Hair Cut Advice
This site contains a large number of articles offering detailed hair care and style advice. Provides information on styles, color, straightening and extensions.
Hair Highlight
Covers in-depth all aspects of highlighting hair. Includes sections on basic definitions, explanations of products, step by step instructions and suggestions.
Hair News Magazine
Beauty and hair e-zine and reference site for consumers and professionals. Includes articles and advice on common hair problems and a catalog of hair styles.
Hair Styles
Simple instructions on ways to wear long hair, including braids, ponytails, buns and French rolls.
Haircare Information
Provides information basics such as finding the right shampoo and conditioner, hair masques and coloring. Also includes tips and advice on cuts, regimens for differing hair types and straightening processes.
Hairdressers Art
An online introduction to hairdressing. Includes sections on tools, zones on the head and basic methods and techniques. Also provides step by step illustrations on basic styles.
Hairfinder Hair Fashion Portal
A large directory of hair related websites. Covers a range of topics including pictures, hair health advice, salons, virtual haircuts and makeovers and other hair portals.
Offers various basic advice and tips on all aspects of haircare. Features sections on accessories, coloring, loss and removal.
How Hair Coloring Works
Nine segments offering advice on hair coloring. Provides information on choosing products, how they work, gray hair and color maintenance.
Ises's View Within
Offers basic tips and suggestions on several aspects of haircare. Includes sections dealing with long, colored and permed. Also provides advice on styling and cutting.
L'Or?al Hair Science
Descriptions and graphics of hair biology, including the various forms of hair loss and their causes. Also provides detailed sections on color, structure and growth cycles.
Dedicated to those who wish to grow their hair. Offers articles, a message board, personal journals and styling tips.
My Experience With Japanese Thermal Reconditioning
A consumer review of one experience with Japanese thermal reconditioning, a new permanent hair straightening technique. Includes before and after pictures and commentary.
My Hair Book
Hair style gallery and hair and skin care articles.
Nightmare Hair
Offers advice on hair disasters and various problem hair types. Includes sections on coloring mistakes, overprocessed hair, complaining to the salon and personal experiences.
A free monograph on dandruff for patient counseling.
Short Hair Style
Offers fashion advice on how to style, color and manage short or medium-length hair. Includes hair fashion news, style guide, review and hair care articles.
Stressless Tresses
Committed to owners or admirers of long hair. Includes tips, articles and photos.
The Long Hair Community
Provides discussion on all aspects on growing hair. Includes public journals, product reviews, polls and articles.
The Lovely Loons
Stylists share haircare advice on thermal reconditioning and hair health. Includes before and after pictures, a message board and links to recommended salons and products.
The Truth About Dandruff
Information from the makers of Nizoral dandruff shampoo. Includes details on causes, myths and current treatments. - Online Virtual Hairstyling
Online virtual hairstyle makeover. Offers the possibility of viewing a photo with thousands of hairstyles including formal, bridal, women's, men's, alternative, and celebrity.
Thermal Reconditioning
Information and links about the Japanese hair straightening technique.
Offers advice on all aspects of hair care. Includes a weekly tips column, new product news and a virtual hair style tester.
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