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The first Italian Patients Association for Sleep Apnea. Multilingual site offering information and an apnea test.
American Board of Sleep Medicine
Features the organization that creates the standards and tests for Board Certification in Sleep Medicine. The site offers patients a listing of Board Certified Sleep Physicians by state or alphabetically by name.
American Sleep Association
Professional sleep organization focusing on sleep apnea, snoring, insomnia, and narcolepsy. Aims to improve sleep health around the world by educating health care providers and increasing public awareness about sleep health and sleeping disorders.
American Sleep Research Institute
Conducts tests of mattresses and other sleep products.
Association of Polysomnographic Technicians.
Site for technical employees of sleep disorder centers for the evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders.
Awake In America, Inc.
A national organization focused on patient and public education and awareness of sleep and sleep disorders, helping others launch support groups, and doing other outreach.
Better Sleep Council
Useful site. The Council was established in 1978, the Better Sleep Council (BSC) is a nonprofit organization supported by the mattress industry that is devoted to educating the public about the importance of sleep and the value of the sleep system and sleep environment.
British Sleep Society
The British Sleep Society was founded as a charity in 1989 to promote knowledge and research in sleep, its disorders and treatment.
Canadian Sleep Society
The Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) / Soci?t? Canadienne du Sommeil (SCS) is a professional association of clinicians, scientists and technologists formed in June 1986 to further the advancement and understanding of sleep and its disorders through scientific study and public awareness
European Sleep Research Society
Founded in 1972 the European Sleep Research Society promotes all aspects of sleep research.
International Sleep Medicine Association
New worldwide association for physicians, scientists, patients and corporations interested in sleep.
Irish Sleep Apnoea Trust
Offers details of the organization, news, services and links.
National Sleep Foundation
Nonprofit organization supporting public education, sleep-related research, and advocacy related to sleep deprivation, sleep disorders, and excessive sleepiness. Extensive information on these topics.
Sleep On-Line
On-line web source for abstracts of articles published in SLEEP, the official journal of the American Sleep Disorders Association ( and the Sleep Research Society (
SomnoMed Australian Sleep Association
Professional Australian sleep organization focusing on obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring. Aims to promote public awareness about the medical and social ramifications of sleep disorders.
The American Sleep Apnea Association
The American Sleep Apnea Association is a non-profit organization concerned health care promotes education, awareness and research into sleep apnea.
The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine
The Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine is affiliated with the Northside Hospital Sleep Disorders Center and provides courses on sleep medicine, polysomnography and review courses for board certification.
The Kentucky Sleep Society
Kentucky professional society dedicated to the education of sleep and related disorders.
World Federation of Sleep Research & Sleep Medicine Societies
Fosters awareness of the importance of sleep research and the impact of sleep disorders.
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