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Virginia Feingold Clark, CHT Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, CA (Link Partner)
Hypnotherapy in Los Angeles, California.
A Better Way Hypnotherapy
Presenting hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a major technique with which to effect rapid therapeutic effects.
Advanced Behavioral Consultants
Cutting edge technologies in accelerated behavioral change and human communications to assist organizations and individuals improve their abilities and outcomes. Hypnosis, NLP, CAM therapy.
Advanced Hypnosis Center
Jeffrey Rose of Advanced Hypnosis Center is New York's leader in hypnotherapy and offers help in a wide range of issues from weight loss to quitting smoking and beyond.
American Pacific University
Offers advanced, doctoral level degrees in hypnosis.
American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association
National hypnosis organization promoting the ethical use of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Ask Dr. Rose
Dr. Linda Joy Rose, author of 'Your Mind: The Owner's Manual.' Offers a free newsletter.
Bayou City Hypnosis
Houston's Source for Wellness.
Behavior and Mood Clinic in Chicago
Counseling and therapy services for adolescents and adults for various mental health concerns including, depression, anger management, couples, anxiety. Hypnotherapy is offered either as a stand alone or part of more traditional therapy.
Beverly Hills Hypnosis
Hypnosis Tapes and CDs available from a Beverly Hills Hypnotherapist. Celebrities and business executives attest to our quality and effectiveness.
Bill Sadick Hypnosis and Sales Seminars
Using Timeline therapy, hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), seminars teach how to create a wealthy mindset and achieve goals.
Brookside Center for Counseling and Hypnotherapy
Maurice Kouguell, Ph.D, offers individual counseling, advanced hypnotherapy mentorship, training programs, and certification. Workshops available in many areas.
Cellular Wisdom
Dr. Friedemann Schaub MD, PhD developed an accelerated Personal Breakthrough Program, which allows you to use the power of the mind-body-spirit connection to heal emotional, mental and physical challenges.
Center for Transformational Hypnosis
Julia Allison, Certified Hypnotherapist, changes people's lives with hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
Changing Lanes Hypnosis
Hypnotherapy services in the Ann Arbor and Detroit, MI areas.
Chicago-area stop-smoking hypnosis center.
Smoking-cessation programs in Chicago and suburbs by Dr. Don DeGrazia, specialist in clinical hypnosis for smoking cessation for 30 years.
Dr. Alexander Lees & Associates, Inc.
Counseling and therapy using hypnosis. Approach is to give people new 'tools for their toolbox,' so they can get on with their lives, and be less dependent on a therapist.
Dr. Bruce Eimer
Explains how hypnosis can help people lose weight, stop smoking, and end destructive habits.
Dr. Kenneth Grossman
Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience. Offering private sessions, CD's and telephone hypnotherapy.
Good Hypnosis Place, USA
Ginger Hines is Certified Hypnotist specializing in Kinesthetic Hypnosis design solutions for common conditions.
Greg States Hypnosis Center
Greg States, Ph.D. - We help people who seek solutions to self-improvement goals through the use of hypnosis. Specializing in smoking, weight, and stress management. West Des Moines, Iowa since 1976.
Houston Hypnotherapy
Serving the Houston area for over 10 years, Joshua Syna, M.A., C.Ht., L.C.D.C., offers private hypnotherapy sessions to help clients lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce stress.
hypnodean home
The site of Orlando hypnotist Dean Montalbano. Features information on hypnosis, self hypnosis, self-help tapes, books, and articles.
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy Magazine
Free online hypnosis and hypnotherapy journal - all articles by qualified practitioners.
Hypnosis and Romance
Gain an understanding for how conditioning of your subconscious mind can improve your love life, by letting go of old roadblocks that have not served your romantic destiny. A program to help people do this is available here.
Hypnosis Australia
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy information, links, and online journal.
Hypnosis Seattle
Seattle hypnosis and hypnotherapy clinic information page.
Hypnosis Therapy of Houston
Stop Smoking in - 1 - Session Guaranteed
Hypnotherapy of Nevada
Information about hypnosis, self-hypnosis, stress management, stop smoking, weight-loss. Offers private sessions and self-hypnosis tapes.
Hypnotherapy on CD and MP3
Provides downloads and general information.
Innate Comfort Counselling
Learn about comfort within, about hypnosis & guided imagery. Also includes links to sites for parents, social workers & psychologists.
Inner Quest
Offers private sessions for weight loss, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome, as well as self-hypnosis workshops. Glendale, California, USA.
Certified clinical hypnotherapist and stress management consultant offers individual hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis training, stress management seminars and workshops, and professional therapeutic massage, in Glendale, CA.
Jennerich, Jim
Offers hypnosis, reiki, and massage with a specialty in working with boxing and martial arts athletes. Contains information on the therapist, news and events, services, an FAQ, testimonials, and photos. Located in New York, United States.
Jinsei Center for Integrative Health
Wellness Center located in Kansas City, Missouri. Dedicated to the promotion of physical and emotional well-being through the use of Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, and Herbal Therapy.
Jon Connelly
Find positive solutions for life's tough problems with hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and psychological counselling, or receive professional training and certification.
Judith A. Rose & Associates
Dedicated to applying the skilled use of hypnotherapy for the express purpose of aiding clients in finding relief from the various stresses of their daily lives.
Julia Ingram, MA
Co-author of 'The Messengers', a book about the transformative power of past-life regression. Julia is a psychotherapist specializing in hypnotherapy and regression therapy. Telephone or in-person therapy.
Life Success Coaching
Becoming a success in every area of your life has never been easier. Marian Massie offers a free Personalized Introductory Session.
Lisa Levy Licensed Counseling Practice
Provides treatment for medical and emotional traumas such as anxiety disorders, depression, stress reduction, weight reduction, and self-image issues.
Medical Hypnotherapist in Bloomfield Hills Michigan
Hypnotherapy provides brief effective therapy for stop smoking, reduce weight, insomnia, IBS, panic disorders, anxiety, pain management by a medical hypnotherapist in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, Michigan MI
Melanie Trupp Hypnotherapy & Counselling Services
Melanie Trupp is an experienced counselor, workshop leader and inspiring teacher. Professionally trained in hypnotherapy, she has an in depth knowledge of the mind’s tricks, illusions and traps.
Michigan Hypnotherapist
Hypnotherapy detroit helps those who are over weight, stop smoking, insomnia, anxiety, stress. You are able to work through these problems easier than you thought.
Midwest Professional Hypnosis Associates
Professional hypnosis services located in Wisconsin, serving the Fox Cities and Waupaca County.
Mind Enhancement Center
Professionals helping individuals achieve positive changes for smoking, weight loss, ADD/ADHD through hypnosis, EFT, and the Joy of Learning techniques.
Missouri Institute of Hypnotherapy
Providing basic and advanced certification training in hypnotherapy.
National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
NBCCH is dedicated to professionalizing the specialty of hypnotherapy. NBCCH professionals include: mental health counselors, pastoral counselors, psychiatric nurses, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, school counselors, and social workers.
No Boundaries Hypnosis
Offers assistance with stopping smoking, losing weight, or improving study habits or sports performance. Long Island, New York, USA.
Ohio Institute of Medical Hypnosis, Inc.
Daniel A. Zelling, M.D. offers information on the use of hypnosis in his practice.
Omni Hypnosis Training Center
Offering basic and advanced professional hypnosis classes for national certification. Live and home-study programs available.
Ottawa Hypnosis
Ottawa-based, world-wide hypnosis and hypnotherapy services. Delving deeper into the psyche using Jungian psychology and Ericksonian hypnosis. Online audio session.
Passages Through Time
Afterlife knowledge and past life regression hypnosis for spiritual healing. Find a soulmate or discover your life's purpose.
Paul Douglass, D.Hyp. MIAH Reg.Hyp. GHR (Affil.)
Professional analytical hypnotherapist providing help with anxiety, panic attacks, stress management, social anxiety, phobias, weight loss and stopping smoking. Specialises in helping clients who are nervous about hypnosis.
Positive Changes Hypnosis
Dr. Patrick K Porter offers these programs: lose weight, stop smoking, self-hypnosis, and self-help.
Richard Bandler
Created for the direct trancemission of Richard Bandler's work.
Rob Cashman
Hypnotherapist & Hypnotist offers Hypnosis, NLP, and coaching sessions in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island. Out of State Referrals Available.
Susan Quinn, M.A., MFT
Uses hypnosis and EMDR to help people make changes faster than traditional therapy. Treats anorexia, bulimia, fears, PTSD, and depression.
Taranaki Professional Motivation Therapy
Self-development programs specially researched and developed for your personal satisfaction.
The Dangers of Hypnosis
A former hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist on the physical and psychological dangers of hypnosis.
The Trance Zone Hypnotherapy Course
Hypnotherapy Master provides hypnotherapy certification. Hypnosis Course available online and, or in New York office.
Transitions: A Center for Counseling and Hypnosis
Del, Counseling Hypnotherapist, answers questions about use of hypnotism for depression, anxiety, children, athletes, fibromyalgia, weight, smoking, and self-esteem.
Well Path Center
Multi-service counseling practice specializing in hypnotherapy as a threatment option for stress, depression, anxiety, undesired habits, phobias and performance enhancement.
Wellspring Hypnosis and Healing Arts
A holistic healing and hypnotherapy practice featuring smoking cessation, stress relief, weight loss and spiritual counseling.
Wendi Friesen, CCHT
Description of hynotherapy, past life regression, and NLP. Offers articles, books, tapes, and counseling services in California.
Woodlands and Galleria Hypnosis
Woodlands & Galleria Houston, TX. Weight loss, Stop Smoking and Stress Managemenet Hypnosis by a Certified Hypnotist.
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