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A Better Place to Be
Poetry, journal, lyrics and book excerpts.
A Self-Help Guide for Bipolar Disorder
Notes on survival, record of episodes, mood music and links.
Being Bipolar
Living with bipolar disorder - letters, poetry, and answers.
Bi-Polar Testimony
History, sermon outlines, prayer wall, music and art.
Bipolar Bear Page
Statement of patient's wife and links.
Bipolar Brain
Personal writings and information presented by a woman suffering from this illness.
Bipolar Connection Network
Poems and personal stories by consumers.
Bipolar Disorder - Tempering the Mania of Manic Depression
Episodes, theory, stay focused and remain grounded.
Bipolar Disorder Can Be Misdiagnosed
Experiences, illness described, pharmacology suggestions, notes of sufferers.
Bipolar Disorder Changed My Life
Personal account, therapies, and references.
Bipolar Disorder Digest
Defines the types of illness. Chat room, guides for teenagers and elderly, FAQ and history.
Bipolar Disorder Doesn't Have to Be Depressing
Medication, budgeting, symptoms, poetry, story, prayer, newsletter, books.
Bipolar Disorder: A Serious Condition
Description of the illness plus links.
Bipolar Illness Manic Depression?
Biography, bio theory, automatic thoughts, emotional vacillation and repression.
Bipolar Page
Life, links, support groups, research paper, webcam, journal, short stories and poetry.
Bipolar Pathways
Personal stories of struggles and triumphs with manic-depression.
Bipolar Seesaw
Discusses the illness, depression, stress and suicide. Contains links, journal and poetry.
Bipolar Teenager's Personal Story
Struggles, links, correspondence, school and medications.
Patient and family libraries, medication, artist's studio, hall of fame, illness and the church.
Blog Out! Bipolar-Disorder/Manic-Depression
Reflections from a bipolar on various topics.
Catching a Darkness: Glimpses of My Sister's Mania
Photos, letters, thoughts, poetry and links.
Clean Heart, Dirty Hands
Journey, hospitalization, over-medication, jail, acceptance of condition.
Dear Franney
History, thoughts and letters.
Diary of a Manic-Depressive Teenage Grrrl
Growing up with disorder.
Eggshells between my Toes - Life with a Bipolar Spouse
Journal, links, advise, poetry, songs and anger as a tool.
Embracing the Fever
Experiences and coping skills.
Faces of Mania - Words of Mania
Photos, pictures, and poetry.
For Pete's sake
Story of the friendship of a girl from the Philippines with her online buddy from Canada who is bipolar.
Have a Heart
Links and story.
HealthyPlace: Bipolar Disorder Community
Journal, primer, spiritual growth and bulletin board.
HealthyPlace: Bipolar Journals
Illness explained from the viewpoint of the sufferer in journal format.
I May Be Different...But I'm OK
Views, experiences, lost friendships, description of the illness, history, photos and lyrics.
Jeff Marks, Bipolar, Manic, Rollercoaster Ride...
Experiences, coping skills and hope.
Life with Bipolar Disorder
Diary, living with illness, poetry and music.
Living With the Dragon
Story from the spouse of a sufferer, coping skills strategies, rage page, terminology, poetry and links.
Diary, FAQ, coping ideas, other stories, description and links.
Manic Depression
Illness defined, humor, poetry and FAQ.
Manic Depression WebRing
To connect those with the illness together, provide resources, information and support.
Manic Depressive Self Test
A lighter look at life as a bipolar.
Methodical Madness: Life Real and Unreal
Focus on mental, temporal, spiritual and fictional.
My Asylum
Gateway to consumer-survivor art, diaries, and links.
My Bipolar Pages
Help and support for sufferers of Bipolar Affective Disorder/Manic Depression and their carers with a chatroom and a Forum.
My Manic Depression Diary
Day-to-day account of living with illness, description of web ring and links.
My Manipulation
Journal entries discussing thoughts and feelings over a period of time.
Profile, links and poetry.
Planet Abyss
Journey through the life a woman living with bipolar disorder. Includes a journal, resources, links, and humor.
Private Thoughts
Poetry, journal and biography.
Riding the Three-headed Dragon
History, book list, gripes and journal.
The Bipolar Planet
Mailing list, links, writings, depression, mania/hypomania, reading list.
The Icarus Project
Creative and personal writings relating to bipolar disorder. Members may submit articles, participate in forums.
The Solace Sanctuary
Individual story, bulletin board, chat, poetry and links.
Unusual Musings of a Restless Mind
Online journal of a young adult with bipolar disorder.
What Mood Am I In? My Struggle With Bipolar Disorder
A personal perspective. Submissions welcome.
Experiences, writings and book list.
Will I Go Crazy?
Individual story and FAQ.
Yellow Brick Road
Biography, journal, poetry, and medical information.
You Ain't No Dancer: Bipolar Rock and Roll
Lyrics, music clips, poetry, art and multimedia experience.
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