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1000 Deaths
A resource site by and for survivors of loved ones' suicides. Support, education, research.
About Elder Suicide
An introduction to the problem of elder suicide.
All About Suicide - Mental Health Net
Learn all about suicide -- what it is and what you can do to help yourself.
American Association of Suicidology
To understand and prevent suicide as a means of promoting human well-being.
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
AFSP funds research, education and treatment programs aimed at the prevention of suicide.
But I'm Losing Hope...
A personal-sounding bit of advice from the Canadian Assoc. for Suicide Prevention.
Center for Studies and Therapy of Suicidal Behavior
Information and links on the theme of suicidality and psychoanalysis.
Centre For Suicide Prevention
The Centre for Suicide Prevention, Canada, has three main branches - Information, Training & Research
Choose Life Project
Deals with fighting despair, and finding hope in a difficult world. Increase life-affirming thinking: more inner peace, joy, and consolation. More happy moments, and coping better with hardship that seems irreversible.
Crisis Intervention Network - Suicide Prevention
Definitions, techniques , models, and resources, including handbook and guidelines for crisis intervention and suicide prevention.
Dealing with suicide
A South African page looks at the way in which the Church is addressing issues of suicide.
Developing community networks for suicide prevention
This article describes steps in developing community networks for suicide prevention.
eMedicine Health - Suicidal Thoughts
Information on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of suicidal thought and ideation.
Fierce Goodbye
A Faith-Based Perspective on Suicide based on a documentary, covers many issues.
Griefwork Center, Inc.
Crisis intervention, sudden loss, suicide awareness, grief and bereavement education, and training programs for professionals.
Have a Heart's Depression Resource
Articles help people with depression and thoughts of suicide, better understand what they are going through.
Healing in the Aftermath of Suicide
From the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention.
I Wish I Were Dead
Article about suicide intervention geared towards the mental health professional.
InfoSource: Gay/Bisexual Male Suicide Problems
Information related to gay and bisexual male suicide problems.
Iris Alliance Fund
Donations sought to educate individuals on suicide prevention, teen suicide, and depression to improve mental health and self esteem.
Jesus Loves You Too
Christian-themed suicide prevention information.
Lifekeeper Foundation
Promote suicide prevention and awareness.
Living With Suicide
Shared Experiences and Voices of Loss, PBS.
Muskingum County Suicide Prevention Coalition
Learn about suicide prevention. Topics include raising awareness, training, funding, warning signs, what to do, what not to do, where to get help, and more.
National Organization for People of Color Against Suicide
NOPCAS is in the process of developing resources to help communities of color deal with suicide issues.
National Strategy for Suicide Prevention
Online versions of the National Strategy that proposes public health methods to address suicide. Summary and full report are available, and related suicide and mental health resources.
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Helps individuals in suicidal crisis to contact the nearest available suicide prevention and mental health service provider through a toll-free phone number. Also information for crisis centers, public education campaign, events, and news.
NIMH - Suicide Research Consortium
Coordinates program development in suicide research, identifies gaps in the scientific and disseminates information on suicidology to the public, media, and policy makers.
OASSIS; the Organization for Attempters and Survivors of Suicide in Interfaith Services
OASSIS is the Organization for Attempters and Survivors of Suicide in Interfaith Services. We work to prevent suicide, increase suicide awareness and remove the stigma on attempters and survivors.
Pediatric Oncall - Suicide in Adolescents
Warning signs and which teenagers might be prone to suicide.
Preventing Suicide
Fact sheet and resources from the CDC.
Includes numerous articles covering all aspects of prevention.
Resources for Suicide Prevention by PAPYRUS
International links to research into suicide prevention.
Rosbrien Suicide Awareness Group
Assisting people to be aware of depression and life threating tendencies.
SAVE - Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Aims to prevent suicide through public awareness and education, and features information, news, and resources.
SFSP: Suicide Facts and Possible Warning Signs
San Francisco Suicide Prevention Website. - Depression and Suicide Prevention
Offering direction for immediate crisis intervention and emotional support for those who are gravely suicidal.
Suicide @
Suicide information and education includes faqs, worldwide crisis resources, essays and stories, warning signs, and statistics.
Suicide and Mental Health Association International
Comprehensive range of information on suicide and mental health related issues. Also contains self help information and international crisis-line numbers.
Suicide and Suicide Prevention
Large collection of articles themed on suicide.
Suicide and Survivor Help, in Memory of Jeremy, 1961-2000
Resources on suicide, grief, prevention and survival for those who have lost a loved one by suicide. A message for those considering suicide. Produced by a father whose son died by suicide.
Suicide Education and Support Services of Weld County
Information for preventing suicide and support for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. Links to other sites with suicide prevention or survivor support.
Suicide Helplines Worldwide and On the Internet
A comprehensive suicide referral website. Gateway to hundreds of suicide helplines and emotional first aid centers worldwide and on the Internet.
Suicide Information and Education Center (SIEC)
This site has over 24,000 articles on suicidal behaviour, and can provide you with research materials or training.
Suicide Lodge
Suicide Lodge is here as a suicide reference, not to try to stop or promote it.
Suicide Newsletter
Resources for mental health professionals, patients and families about early detection of depression and suicide prevention.
Suicide Prevention - Health Insite
A collection of resources in suicide prevention in Australia and New Zealand
Suicide Prevention Action Network USA
Created to raise awareness, build public will, and call for action in regard to advancing a national response to the problem of suicide.
Suicide Prevention Courses
Suicide Prevention courses and training for professionals, institutions, and the public
Suicide Prevention Help
First hand experience with depression and suicide. Kenneth shares how he came to understand depressing and suicidal thoughts and feelings.
Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC)
SPRC’s website features important information on government suicide prevention efforts, news, events and links to important prevention publications.
Suicide Prevention, News and Information
list of links to various articles about suicide.
Suicide Support - Information - Chat - Prevention
Includes an online support chat, message board with anonymous posting, as well as information.
Suicide Survival
For survivors of suicide or those who wish to help them; resources include recommended books, links, and mailing lists.
Suicide Survivor FAQs
Answers to questions by and about suicide survivors (those who have lost someone close to suicide).
Suicide Wall Home Page
Suicidewall is a novel by Alexander Paul, dedicated to memorializing Vietnam Veterans who took their own lives. This site gathers a list for a proposed white marble wall and links to other Vietnam Veteran organizations.
Suicide: Read This First
Short page dealing with suicide, geared towards people considering killing themselves.
Suicide: What You Can Do and Say
If your friend is trying to cope with a suicide or is contemplating suicide, how can you help? This site tells you what you can do and say to support your friend.
SuicideHotlines - When You Feel You Can't Go On
Suicide hotlines in 50 states - for suicide prevention and emotional crisis.
Discussion forums about suicide.
Suicidology e-group
A moderated research information network facilitates the rapid dissemination of research information and news relevant to the study of the Suicidal phenomena.
Teen and Preteen Suicide Prevention
This site lists clinical resources for parents and teachers who observe at-risk behavior in suicidal juveniles. It links to other prevention sites.
The Jason Foundation, Inc.
JFI’s mission is to provide information, tools, and resources to students, educators/youth workers, and parents that will enable early detector of at-risk behavior and guide them to local help resources.
The Jed Foundation
A nonprofit organization committed to reducing the youth suicide rate and improving the mental health support provided to students by universities nation-wide.
The Lost Soul Companion
Comfort and constructive advice for struggling actors, musicians, artists, writers, and other free spirits. Includes discussion of suicide, depression, creativity, poverty, and hope.
The Suicide Paradigm
Offers perspective on suicide as outcome of a process of severe stress and psychological pain. Includes ethical issues discussion, a glossary of suicide terminology, and a heartfelt letter to suicidal young people.
Thinking About Suicide
A suicide resource including self assessment software, suggestions, news about suicide online, resources, list of organizations, and support news groups, visual art depicting suicide, suicide computations, survey of visitors
Training Institute for Suicide Assessment
Provides the interviewing tip of the month, trainings on suicide prevention and clinical interviewing for mental health professionals and physicians, and a complete article on suicide assessment techniques (CASE Approach).
Unit for Suicide Research
The aim of the Unit for Suicide Research is to understand and prevent suicidal behaviour. Epidemiological data on suicide in Belgium are presented.
University of Oxford Centre for Suicide Research
Research focuses on investigation of the causes, treatment and prevention of suicidal behaviour. Includes links to sources of statistics and other relevant sites
Wesley LifeForce Suicide Prevention Program
Details about a suicide prevention program aiming to significantly reduce the high rate of suicide in Australia through educating strategic community members.
What Can I Do?
If someone I know is considering suicide. From the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention.
Why? The Neuroscience of Suicide
Scientific American article dealing with brain chemistry as the reason for suicide.
Young people, gender and suicide prevention
Based upon the high suicide rates for young men, this research investigates what variables make young men and women more likely to seek help when experiencing extreme distress.
Youth Suicide Prevention
New Zealand Ministry of Youth Development presents information on where to get help and research. Information on government spending and program evaluation are included.
Youth Suicide Prevention and Awareness - Dianna Baitinger
Information and links on the topic. Includes a list of risk factors.
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