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Critical Care
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ACLS Aids Cardiac
Associations Pediatric
Auscultation Simulators
Acid-Base Balance: Introduction
Features the history, physiology and treatment of acid-base disturbances, information on the production of acid, understanding pH, clinical considerations and references.
Anesthesia, Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
Includes links to anesthesia principles, practices, journals and departments, as well as critical care and emergency medicine resources.
ARDS Support Center
Offers a newsletter, education, a message board, and information for patients with Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome, survivors, families, friends, and medical personnel.
Asthma Management Model System
A comprehensive site with information on research, treatment and concerns related to asthma.
Includes articles, index of resources, chat, photography, and games.
Critical Care Medicine Tutorials
Provides information on respiratory failure, shock, renal failure, sepsis and other body systems in a question/answer format. Includes clinical scenarios.
Critical Care Paramedic Protocols
Includes prehospital medical protocols and standing orders. Site provided courtesy of Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP.
Academic content for the Anesthesiology/Intensive Care community. Includes information on subjects such as airway management, pediatrics, hemodynamics, resuscitation, intracranial hypertension, acid-base balance, anesthesia.
ICUs and Nursing Web Journal
Contains critical care and emergency related articles, associations, conferences, drug information, nursing links, online journals, medical and nursing cartoons.
Has resources for practicing Evidence-Based Nursing and Medicine.
Introduction to Pulse Oximetry
Describes mechanism, limitations, and myths.
Johns Hopkins: Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care
Offers education and research related to pulmonary medicine. Site features clinical programs relating to various lung diseases and provides a definition, evaluation, treatment, research, and educational material for each.
Joint Statement on Resuscitative Interventions
Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) has prepared this joint statement in collaboration with other national health related organizations. [PDF]
Monitoring the Critically Ill Patient.
An educational review covering topics such as responses to stress and trauma, tissue oxygenation, cardiovascular system monitoring, respiratory, renal and the central nervous system.
Nepean Intensive Care
Includes some academic work of these ICU nurses, an image library, quiz page and controversy issues.
Nurse Bob's MICU/CCU Survival Guide
Offers a variety of resources including policies and procedures, synopses of systems and diseases, drugs, and drug calculation formulas.
Online Pulmonary Textbook
Reviews pulmonary anatomy, disease and tumors.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Update Online
An educational program provided each month by clinicians that offers lessons featuring diagnostic information on current pulmonary and critical care medicine.
Pulmonary Artery Pressure Monitoring
Describes the procedure for insertion of PA lines, interpretation of waveforms and values and the potential complications.
Pulmonary Embolus
A multimedia textbook with presentation, diagnosis via scan, CT and pulmonary angiography, with multiple case studies.
Pulse Oximetry
Describes how it works, calibration, and performance considerations.
The Critical Care Forum
Includes commentaries on recent issues, research, clinical guidelines, reports, educational reviews of clinical practice, basic science, and technology, suppliments, links and a schedule of conferences. Available in print and online.
The Medical Algorithms Project
Contains more than 3,500 algorithms and 44 different chapters covering all major medical topics. Provides computation, formula, survey, or look-up tables, useful in health care with one chapter devoted to critical care.
The New England Journal of Medicine: Critical Care
Offers articles, case reports, and reviews on topics such as shock, sepsis, and acute respiratory distress. [Subscription required to view some articles.]
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