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The visitors may use this site to find health of information and services related to natural hygiene, cosmetic, emergency, breast cancer, skin disorders, non-toxic living, medication and more.

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Alana Sugar, CN
Certified Nutritionist with healthy recipes, health articles, and seminar schedule.
Barbara Rigg- Diet Therapy Clinic
Provides nutrition consultation by seven full time dietitians. Lists of services, food news, and history on site.
BDSK Consulting
Provides general consulting services founded on the principles of evidence-based science. Incorporated partnership of four scientists with collective experience consulting for academia, government, the food industry and non-governmental organizations.
Ellyn Satter Associates, MS, RD
Dietetic services in the areas of feeding and eating training for children and adults. List of useful health articles and links.
Gay Riley, MS, RD
Provides goals and services, articles, online tools, Q and A board, and recipes.
Global Nutrition Services
Registered Dietitian provides online nutrition counseling for weight loss, food allergies, cholesterol, and diabetes.
Health Pro Plus
Offers nutritional consults, recipe analysis, diet analysis and nutrition newsletter.
Jeske Wellmann RD (SA)
Jeske Wellmann provides professional nutritional advice in Bryanston and Randpark Ridge, South Africa.
Karle Konsultants: Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Consulting
Provides nutrition, physical activity and related advice to help people lose weight, and prevent or treat disease. Located in Lexington, Kentucky. Includes Q&A on activities, stress and the environment.
LTS Consulting
Lorraine Stanford, M.Sc. Nutritionist and computer specialist performs diet analysis, determines nutrient values for Canadian food labels and menus, guides selection and implementation of foodservice computer systems.
Marla Heller, RD- Transitions Nutrition Consulting
Information about nutrition, book reviews, childhood nutrition information, and solutions towards choosing a nutrition counselor.
Maura Emery- Integrated Diabetes Services
Clinician and nutrition staff with expertise in diabetes self management, carbohydrate counting, weight loss, and exercise. Lists of services, history, and consultation appointment forms.
Maye Musk, MS, RD
Private practice dietitian who offers consulting in nutritional research and provides speaking engagements.
Mitzi Dulan, Registered Dietitian
Specialist in nutritional counseling, sports nutrition, exercise, and wellness. Online services offered.
Nutrition Associates of East Brunswick
Maria Sakowitz, M.S. offers details on medical nutrition therapy and education for adults and adolescents. Based in New Jersey.
Nutritional Balance Consultation
Meet Kristine Bahr, find sample menu plans and recipes, or get contact information. Based in Great Barrington, MA.
Nutritionists specializing in nutrition genetics, traditional diets, metabolic functions, degenerative diseases, and evolutionary nutrition. Customized programs.
Nutritionist in London
Natalie Savona provides a tailor-made diet to meet personal nutrition needs.
Patricia Mead, Licensed Nutritionist
Provides form for nutritional analysis, nutritional consultations, and gives advice on nutritional health topics.
Practical Nutrition
Find out about counseling services available by phone, online or in-person; also offers details on wellness programs, cooking classes and health writing.
Preventive Nutrition
Lisa Stollman, Registered Dietitian provides online consultation, plus online diet analysis and links to other nutrition-related sites.
Renee Klang, MS
Consulting nutritionist located in Pasadena, California. Focuses on developing a comprehensive dietary plan for individuals.
Sarah Ley
Diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice for individuals, groups, and organizations. Auckland, New Zealand.
Susan Dopart, RD, MS
Private practice fitness and nutrition consultant with information about services, fitness tips, recipes, and suggested nutrition books.
Vesanto Melina, RD, MS
Registered Dietitian who offers consultation in vegetarian and vegan nutrition and foods. Holds nutrition seminars and presentations. Provides links to vegan organizations, food guides, and nutrients in foods.
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