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Caesarean Personal Pages
Education Prepared
Episiotomy Unassisted
Alexander Technique and Natural Childbirth
How the Alexander Technique can help natural birthing.
BabyCenter -- Childbirth
Find out how to prepare for childbirth, what your birthing options are and complications that may arise. Plus, make your own birth plan for a smooth delivery.
Birth Balance
Information about water birth and the benefits it can provide.
Information and related links regarding the use of a midwife, home or water birth, VBAC and health department regulations.
Learn about birth plans and save a birth plan online.
Childbirth Injury Net
Home of the Worldwide Fund for Mothers Injured in Childbirth.
Childbirth Resources at
Various articles about pregnancy and childbirth preparation.
Christy's Birth Pages
Promotes informed and empowered birthing. Includes information on choosing a birth attendant and birthing place, creating an effective birth plan, the importance of labor support and the basics of breastfeeding.
Ecstatic Pregnancy and Birth
A virtual pregnancy and childbirth education center.
Enemas & Childbirth
Article explaining use of enemas to speed labor, provide hydration, and stimulate contractions.
Epidural Headache
Information about one woman's experience with a late onset of an epidural complication.
This site provides information about the benefits and side effects of epidurals and regional anesthesia.
Fetal Monitoring Tutorial
A tutorial about fetal monitoring during labour including example CTG's and test MCQ's.
Having Babies in Hong Kong
Guide to pregnancy, childbirth and raising children in this area.
Internation Epidural Awareness Program
Information regarding side effects and complications. Site includes personal stories.
Labor of Love
Pregnancy articles, message boards, birth stories, and childbirth search engine.
Labor Resources -
List of resources for pregnancy and childbirth.
Maternity Wise
Offering information regarding pregnancy, labor and childbirth, and other relevant topics. Information is provided by the Maternity Center Association (MCA). - Babies and Moms
Information about fitness after delivery, breastfeeding, infant care, and other postpartum topics.
Organization dedicated to providing natural childbirth education, midwifery, and pregnancy resources.
Nutrition and Nourishment During Labor
An article discussing eating and nourishment before and during the early parts of labor.
Online Birth Center
Organization focused on natural birthing and midwifery. Also offers a nice weekly newsletter.
Our Water Birth Decision
Information on having a water birth. Personal story and links to other resources.
Painfree Childbirth
Offers animated pictures explaining pain free birth options, including childbirth plans and anesthesia.
ParenthoodWeb Pregnancy
Large selection of pregnancy resources.
Parents Place Pregnancy
Pregnancy resources from the first online parenting website.
Perinatal Research Center
Organization dedicated to research and education regarding preterm problems and delivery.
Pregnancy HelpDesk
Childbirth information plus month-by-month pregnancy guide, tests during pregnancy and many links.
Pregnancy Today
A community for expectant parents, offering many unique features to guide you through pregnancy.
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth
Get the information you need to make informed choices; avoid unnecessary procedures, drugs, and restrictions; and determine whether you are receiving quality care.
The Waterbirth Website
In-depth information on the newest innovation in safe, gentle, joyous, empowering childbirth. Includes a tutorial, photo gallery, dozens of firsthand stories, details on the preparations for and benefits of.
Transition to Parenthood
Offering information providing a general review of pregnancy, labor, birth, and the postpartum period. Sources are listed at the end of each article to enable further research.
Information regarding pregnancy and feeding baby, as well as charting tools.
Water birth - a gentle birth choice
Informative articles about the advantages of birthing in water.
Waterbirth Article
A tutorial which answers many questions involving water birth. Includes a Water Birth Photo gallery.
Writing a Meaningful Birth Plan
Things to consider when preparing a birth plan.
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